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CCANS Membership - Why?

CCANS was born from the idea that Provincial Civil Constables, although individually appointed, have much in common and can be of support to one another for our best interest. Meeting and sharing ‘best practices’ only serves to improve the professionalism and effectiveness of what we do. Working together with Department of Justice we hope to; improve the appointment process, provide input on legislative changes, ensure ethical behaviour, and broaden the legal requirements for utilizing PCCs in the service of court issued processes. Contrary to what some PCCs believe, working together is not detrimental to each other’s business. It does not create ‘poaching’ of each other’s clients. That is where the promotion of ethical behaviour comes in. CCANS has a Code of Ethics, and improper behaviour of Members and Non-members, when deemed questionable, will be reported to Department of Justice. Membership in CCANS may be suspended or terminated. Informal resolution however, is the first consideration.

Clients who utilize the services of CCANS Members should feel confident that their needs will be met to the best of our ability.

Advantages of Membership

Individual Membership into CCANS requires an annual Fee of $60.00; a very nominal Fee considering the advertising which is made available through our website. There is a feeling of confidence within the general public when utilizing services provided through a professional organization.  Businesses registered with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies may obtain membership for a Fee of $45.00 and any Provincial Civil Constables employed through Member Businesses may obtain membership for a Fee of $30.00.

Members of CCANS are free to establish their own fee structure and are not required to pay a referral fee to CCANS for business generated through our website; only the annual membership fee.

Membership allows access, through a ‘login password’ to a ‘Members Only’ section. This section will provide update notices on any legal issues affecting PCCs, any disciplinary action taken against PCCs, Minutes of previous AGMs, Notices of upcoming meetings, etc.

CCANS holds an Annual General Meeting, usually in October, in a location reasonably central to the membership and encourages all Members to attend. When appropriate, we will bring in Guest Speakers to address issues affecting our profession.

Membership into CCANS requires a current Provincial Civil Constable Appointment by Department of Justice. Proof (photocopy of Appointment Card) must accompany the completed Application Form.

If a professional approach to ‘process serving’ and ‘bailiff services’ is important to you, then your membership in CCANS is important to us.

“Please consider a CCANS Membership”

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